Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Spray Tanning Process

To get the best possible results from your spray tan follow these simple guidelines:
Prior to your appointment:
~Wax or shave 24 hours before your session
~Exfoliate prior to your session...This is very important!
~Remove any makeup, body jewelry, deodorant or lotion.
~Be Careful What You Wear...After your session, we recommend you wear dark, loose, baggy clothing and open shoes after your tan. Tight fitting clothes and shoes can cause skin friction in the first couple of hours after your spray tan and this may affect the outcome of your tan.Any rub off the bronzer should easily wash out of most fabrics. Avoid Nylon, Wool, or Satin as these may absorb the bronzer.
After your session:
~Avoid contact with water for the next 6 to 8 hours. That means no showering, sweating, swimming! This gives the DHA time to develop on your skin.
~After showering, apply moisturizer. Hydrated skin attains the tan longer. Avoid lotions containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) as these may cause the skins exfoliation.
*Moisturize is very important....Try to moisturize at least twice a day!!!
After the DHA has time to develop you can shower and you will see the bronzer coming off in the shower-DON’T worry you will now have a tan that will last for days or even weeks!
Taking Care of Your Tan:
~Use a soft washcloth or a poof for daily use.
~Pat your skin dry, don’t rub.
~Apply lotion at least 2 times daily.
~Use shower gels not bar soaps...
~If you start to get blotchy: lightly exfoliate your skin to even out the color to a lighter tan.
~The following can lighten or make your tan look blotchy:
Things to avoid:
~Long showers or baths
~Dove soap or Dove shower gel
~Hair Inhibiting Lotions
~Make-up remover products
~Curel lotion
~Anti-acne products
~Beta Hydroxy Acids
~Bug Spray when sprayed directly onto skin
~Chlorinated pools


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